Betterment Recycling, a Land Betterment Company, is a rubber recycling company that repurposes and processes abandoned tires from prior thermal coal mining activities to premium wire free mulch for the community. The land utilized to support the recycling activities has been upcycled from a previous thermal coal mining activities.
"Betterment Recycling is utilizing previously impacted lands to produce some of the highest quality recycled rubber for community and municipal consumption. We love repairing the earth while also providing jobs for former coal miners that have learned to adapt as we have."
Mark laverghetta
team leader
Our products
We produce the highest quality recycled rubber products by utilizing waste products to clean up the local environments and reduce landfill congestion.
Landscaping Mulch
Our rubber mulch is long lasting, reduces molding and can be bought in a variety of colors. We take pride in the extensive process we utilize to ensure the environment is protected while also providing beautiful mulch for your landscaping needs.
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Asphalt Additive
We offer crumb recycled rubber for rubber enhanced asphalt products to extend the life of road surfaces, reduce  cost, and resists cracking and noise pollution while increasing the safety of road.
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Municipality Mulch
We offer high quality rubber mulch to be used for municipal landscape purposes. Our mulch can be made in almost any color and variety of sizes. Check out our story on how we operate for the good of the community and environment.
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Sports and Playground Mulch
We offer high quality pellets as well as turf mulch for sports fields as well as playground mulch that is safe for the community and the athletes.
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