our story
We saw a problem that needed a solution and economically could be fixed for the future. The community and local regions were littered with used tires that sat rotting away in streams, land fills and the broader landscape. We also saw an old mining site that had minimal value to the community and work that needed to be complete to restore back to its original state. Our team developed a concept that resulted in a win - win - win for the community (jobs), environment (clean up and reduce land fill congestion) and region (improved visibility of the landscape).

Our holding company, Land Betterment, was able to secure the land, negotiate the contracts and develop a concept for our team to recycle old mining tires into high quality rubber mulch for a variety of applications. We are proud that we can combine environmental clean up all while providing for the local community.
"We have an amazing operation we are building from the ground up. The land has never been better and the community has hope for sustainable jobs built on the foundation of high quality recycled rubber mulch that can be utilized locally or shipped throughout the country."
mark laverghetta
team leader